The symbol of the Christian right was created by me, Giacomo Salomone, it comes from my great admiration for the Sicilian philosophy, gained and appreciated since I was a child, when I spent the holidays in Sicily and every time the emotion of being surrounded by so much heat filled me of joy.

It is very rare to find strong people who are at the same time also very human. It’s nice to meet someone who gives you the opportunity to rest his head on his shoulder, without any kind of interest.

In my life I have known strong people who know how to fight all types of adversity without ever giving up and able to see the positive side in any situation: from them I took the inspiration to make myself a better person every day and this is what I would like to do with you.

That’s why an eagle and a dove can be a symbol that evokes this type of mentality.

COLOURS: Italian flag: green (the dove), white (the writing), red (the eagle). The light blue background (light blue is the colour of the Italian football team). Light blue like the sky, like God.

The eagle and the dove are exactly mirrored, balanced, they join in the center. The wings of birds also resemble the flames of a fire, but also the lotus flower, that is symbol of purity of body and soul. But not only: the dove and the eagle remotely evoke hands turned to heaven, united in prayer and protection.

Studio e realizzazione grafica logo/simbolo: