Our ideals are those of simple people, those of every day people, those who get up and face life every day despite the difficulties and problems, always knowing that after the rainy days even the sunny ones arrive. Our ideals are yours, everyone’s, those of normal people. They are serious, profound ideals, that for too long have been forgotten, made fun of, not considered or abandoned due to selfish motions aimed at validating power, greed and money. Our ideal are those of the past, those of the wisdom of the elders of small towns who, in their simplicity, enclosed the concepts of pure philosophy and supreme values.

Moral values are the basic principle by which the individual or the community choose their behavior. The values originate from the social and political reality, they refer to the economic and juridical organization, they refer to the traditions of a community, to the education received, to the individual life experiences and therefore can change in their historical path. There must always be an individual coherence that is expressed through the presence of values in morals and ethics; our behaviors, our actions, the relationships we have with other people or with the people we care about depend above all on our values.

I am what makes a man what he is!

humanity – respect – friendship – love – goodness – common sense – consistency – courage – politeness – loyalty – fraternity – kindness – gratitude – loyalty – honesty – wisdom – sincerity – solidarity -justice – commitment – dignity – faith