We are all persons. We are open to welcoming everyone, as in a large family; the important thing is to share the same philosophy and the same ideals.

We are here to unite and build something new together.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve done the right things in your past or if you’ve made mistakes, if you have regretted some decisions or choices: changing your mind is a sign of maturity and pro-action for evolution and improvement. Only those who remain firm in their positions will never go on in life, and will never build anything good.

We don’t care if you are right, left, center or moderate, exaggerated, red, green, blue, dotted or striped; we don’t care what you’ve done before: everyone can make mistakes, but remedying is the gift and choice of a few. If something has not worked in the past, it is to be changed, so it is right to take lessons from what happened to ensure that it does not happen again and, by learning from our mistakes, build together a better world for everyone!

The only condition to build together a community of strong and valiant people is to fully share our ideals, which are those of our ancestors, those on which a solid society rested, which now no longer exists.

United we must rebuild a lasting and not ephemeral solidity, more balanced, based on people and not only on money or power, lay the foundations to build something concrete, lasting over time, to be handed down and bequeathed to future generations.